Formatting your inventory import spreadsheet

lennartlennart Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 1 moderator
Hey everyone,

What do you think of our documentation on how to format your Inventory Import List?

Do you feel like everything is explained clearly enough?

And what can we do to improve this process and make it as easy as possible?

You can find our help pages for this topic on the following links:

Thank you in advance for your feedback!
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  • MOSCMOSC Member Posts: 10
    Hi Lennart,

    While I appreciate the CSV import function and use it frequently, I do have a suggestion to address your question, "And what can we do to improve this process and make it as easy as possible?"

    I recommend standardizing the column headers we get from a product EXPORT table (for example "Manufact. SKU") with the headers we must use in columns for a product IMPORT table (using the same example, "Manufacturer SKU").

    If the field in the column has the same meaning and significance in both cases, then the column header should be the same, whether in an export or an import. 

    Forcing the user to adjust a column header to send a table back to the system it came from is an unnecessary hassle and makes LS development look inconsistent and a bit unprofessional.


  • 2943milstid2943milstid Member Posts: 2

    Is there a way to import "live" inventory data thru Googlesheets from Vendors?

  • sethpsethp Member Posts: 1

    I00% agree with MOSC. It would be great if I could download Inventory data Make some edits and Upload the fixed file. It is really hard to make edits to a large number of products at once if you go through the GUI. Just let me make whatever edits I want in the import

  • VintageWineGuyVintageWineGuy Member Posts: 120 ✭

    Over the last months I have been getting my retail wine shop up on Lightspeed and have been using the import/export quite a bit. I agree with MOSC, a simplified workflow for import would be helpful. In addition to the inconsistent column headers, I have struggled with some of the limits. For example:

    • Not being able to import/export custom fields (and the fact that custom fields do nothing, but that is a separate thread).
    • Limited fields on the export and lack of ability to select which columns I need in the export (or just the ability to get them all)
    • Inability to import/export different Price Types
    • Season still in the export even though it was deprecated

    I will say import has been SUPER helpful in my migration from the old POS to the new, allowing me to quickly adjust my legacy merch hierarchy to a new one leveraging LightSpeeds deep categories, and making other adjustments. Just piling on to encourage additional investment in this feature.

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