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Good Day, 
With Lightspeed not being compatible with Authoirize.net in the new year, we are working with a regional (Caribbean) team to develop a payment gateway plugin for Onsite and Ecommerce. 
Are you able to provide me with a point of contact for the developers to speak with. 
This could be a partnership as I am sure there are other clients who will need to switch over from Authorize.net in the region.
Look forward to your reply.


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    Hello @apetty5,

    There are no plans to implement new Payment integrations and it's not possible to create custom Payment integration for OnSite.

    You could talk with our Strategic Alliance team about a partnership using the link below.

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    Thank you for the reply.
    So what do you suggest? I signed up for a 3 year contract, I was never given a heads up about Authorize.net being phased out, now I am in a position to not be able to process payments? 
    I use OnSite and ECommerce. Surely there should be some sort of customer service on your end to help us with this situation?
  • apetty5apetty5 Member Posts: 3
    Are you able to provide me with a response? Or a point of contact please. 
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