Please make image delete / replace option on CSV import

when you handle your inventory by CSV imports, there is no way to replace existing images or delete images (in case there was a wrong image). Every time I do an import now, the images get added - no matter if an image exists already or not. In V1 there was an option to delete all existing images on import. This is missing in V2.

A perfect solution would be an extra column in the CSV with some kine of image handling commands.... something like 'replace', 'delete existing'.... and best would be 'compare' ;) some kind of comparrisson by filename / hash.

I know this can be done by API... but to be honest, I see this as a core import feature and it is not very convenient to do some extra API scripting for this task only.


  • jjasraijjasrai Member Posts: 1
    I second this request. Thank you!
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