Please make image delete / replace option on CSV import

when you handle your inventory by CSV imports, there is no way to replace existing images or delete images (in case there was a wrong image). Every time I do an import now, the images get added - no matter if an image exists already or not. In V1 there was an option to delete all existing images on import. This is missing in V2.

A perfect solution would be an extra column in the CSV with some kine of image handling commands.... something like 'replace', 'delete existing'.... and best would be 'compare' ;) some kind of comparrisson by filename / hash.

I know this can be done by API... but to be honest, I see this as a core import feature and it is not very convenient to do some extra API scripting for this task only.


  • jjasraijjasrai Member Posts: 1
    I second this request. Thank you!
  • pieterjanvcpieterjanvc Member Posts: 5

    I'm still waiting for this feature as well :)

  • vfactoryvfactory Member Posts: 2

    We are new to the platform and in need of this feature also. There must be a way to address images in bulk.


  • GeannyGeanny Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 113 moderator

    Hi @pieterjanvc & @vfactory ,

    As of now, this feature is not available. Since we have an open feature request, I created a ticket and tagged those to the request.

    However, there is no ETA as to when or if this will be implemented. I am only tagging this ticket to the requests for documentation purposes only.

    As more merchants request these features, their priority will change as well as the chance of implementation.


  • OnlineDistributeurOnlineDistributeur Member Posts: 22

    We can assist with removing images in bulk with the API

  • JeffreySJeffreyS Member Posts: 14

    Please add this feature, the replace or remove (old image) option is very valuable.

  • Christian DayChristian Day Member Posts: 11

    I am requesting this feature as well.

    By OnlineDitributeur: would you be willing to create some sort of app add-on that people could buy?

  • Christian DayChristian Day Member Posts: 11
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    I am hoping this can be something we can do on our end.

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  • Christian DayChristian Day Member Posts: 11

    I have well over 2,500 products in two shops that I need to remove images for that all begin with 978 (books) and there is no way on our end to do this on import. What's more disappointing is that Lightspeed claims they can only remove images en masse on their end by date. This is not true, as any database programmer knows. Maybe it isn't possible with the back-end tool the Tier 2 support staff has access to, but there are myriad ways to manipulate raw data in a database. I've even offered to pay them to do it and no one seems to care, so, with the staffing shortage the way it is, I have no idea how our company is going to manually remove 2,500 images and utterly disgusted that I have to choose between that hell and the hell of finding a completely new POS and Web store setup that will communicate with one another

  • JeffreySJeffreyS Member Posts: 14
    edited March 2

    Sad this still isn't possible. Overwrite/replace image or add image should just be an option to set before starting the import. But this obviously does not seem to have any priority at Lightspeed.

    We've decided to let an external developer build a tool for this. It imports a csv file with the Lightspeed ID of the product and an image-url, that will replace the old image. It works with the Lightspeed API: the old image is deleted, new one uploaded/imported and set as default.

    I can recommend if you want an experienced developer for things like this.

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