How to remove the "Ready on" line under a Work Order on a Sales Receipt

rishirishi Member Posts: 26
Does anyone know how I can go about removing the "Ready on 10/06 at 10:00 am" line from printing beneath the "Work order #4" line on the sales receipt. I do not want this to show as we're using the work order function for special orders which have lead times and they are always estimates so we can't have an exact Ready on date printed.

On a side note, I was able to remove the "Register:" line on the Sales Receipt by simply commenting out this block of code on the Sales Receipt print template. What does everyone think?

        {% if Sale.Register %}
            <span class="receiptRegisterNameField"><span class="receiptRegisterNameLabel">Register: </span><span id="receiptRegisterName">{{}}</span><br /></span>
        {% endif %}

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