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I am a developer who wrote an application that interacts with the lightspeed API a few years go. It appears as if you have removed my account as well as my existing IP address from being able to interact with your API (likely for being idle for the last couple years).

I have created a new account with the same email as the one used previously but need to be able to access the API from my IP address for testing purposes, for reference my IP address is:

Note that I need to access live data to separate out and identify a specific store location for one of our end users.


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    Hey @timshaffer, what you've found is that we've migrated from simple API keys over to an OAuth scheme. You can read about this change in our change log here: https://developers.lightspeedhq.com/retail/introduction/changelog/

    Essentially you'll need to Register your, API client, set your redirect URI to receive a temporary token and then exchange it with the access token endpoint to receive an access token. 

    More about this process can be read here: https://developers.lightspeedhq.com/retail/authentication/authentication-overview/

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  • timshaffertimshaffer Member Posts: 2
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    We updated the code to use oAuth and it is currently working fine in our live environment, however is there any way for me to interact with with an existing oAuth key on my local or test environment?

    Let me try to explain our situation and see if you have a solution:

    We currently retrieve transaction data for a company and separate out each shop for that company based on the shop's phone number. The problem is that one of our customers is using the same phone number for all of their shops. In order to continue working with this customer I need to be able to look at their shop objects in order to find the 'ShopID' so that I can map each shop to a distinct phone number.

    Is there any way for me to identify the shop ID in a dev/local environment using the oAuth key that I already have access to?
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