Offer products in a bundle as an option

Is there a possibility to offer products that I add to a product bundle as an option? The customer must have the possibility to NOT buy this product in the bundle.
At the moment I offer a product as an option (in the bundle) by creating a variant in that product with: do not add to cart (0 euro). As a result, customers can still order this loose product in the bundle (for 0 euros) ....


  • JoeyJoey Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 277 moderator
    You can use custom template data to hide the Add to Cart button on specific pages and for specific products. This way the product is still visible but not easy to add to the cart. You can then also add a description and link to the "bundle" but the Add to cart button is hidden.
    Here is a guide on how to hide the Add to Cart button for specific products (PDF), you can also hide the price this way, so the 0.00 euro doesn't show up. Be aware that this involves modifying code in the theme editor.
    Hope this helps!
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