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I'm sure I've asked this one before, but the pressure is on once again to be able to access GL codes for our reporting purposes.  The only way I've found so far to get access to product GL codes in the Report Master is through sales reporting (not what we're looking for, we want to be able to get a list of all GL codes for all products).  I've found away to get them from Exports -- which I haven't figured out if it's possible to automate yet and is not ideal as seemingly simple exports take down our servers and knock them out of multi-store all the time (I'm honestly quite surprised that what seems like a very simple export grinds both the server and my workstation to a halt).

So I'm asking ... pleading ... for access to all of the GL codes in a manner that doesn't cause disruptions and works in a timely fashion.  I'm currently waiting for an export of products with 6 fields -- it's been 20 minutes and the server CPU is still pegged and the workstation is showing a spinning beachball of death.

Help!  Should I be asking this question in a different area?

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  • markguertinmarkguertin Member Posts: 61
    Just to clarify here, I'm asking for GL codes in a "bulk" sort of a manner, not as a single API call for each individual product, specifically with the /api/products/search/ endpoint ... it can currently filter on them, but not return them.

    Can anyone from LightSpeed comment on this?  It's been weeks and I feel that things are just being ignored.  Is there a better avenue to have these sorts of discussions?  It seems like this forum is a bit of a ghost town.
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