Gift receipts - option to print selected items from invoice

TristaTrista Member Posts: 1
I'm sure that this has been discussed before but is LS ever going to allow the option to print a Gift Receipt for selected items for an invoice without having to do it as individual sales for a customer. This would speed up transactions for us & the customer, especially with the Christmas season coming up!!
I'm looking to see if a Gift Receipt can have the same functionality as the Gear drop down option that allows me to print a Packing Slip from within an invoice.  When choosing print a Packing Slip from an invoice it asks which items are to be printed - can the same option be implemented to Gift Receipts???
PS. I am not interested in any custom programming for our system, only what LS is going to offer as part of the system.

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  • blantoncaldwellblantoncaldwell Member Posts: 1

    Have the same question. I desperately need to print a gift receipt for the one item when a customer purchases multiple items that are not all gifts.

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