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We are opening a second location and our credit card fees will increase because of some sort of legal thing for our type of business. We like Cayan, but I don't want a rate increase every time we open a new location. Does anyone have experience working with Vantiv? How do you like them? Are there hidden fees? .


  • Geoffrey SmithGeoffrey Smith Member Posts: 1
    Did you get any feedback?
  • threadsthreads Member Posts: 1
    I was wondering the same.

    Vantiv support told me they will be intergrating with Lightspeed eCom soon and, and both have a portable backup option (Mercury Pay and Genius, respectively).

    I think Vantiv Mercury Pay backup option is better - but I do like the boasted 4 second EMV chip processing time from Cayan though.

    Only other fee I was quoted was a monthly $9.95 PCI compliance fee - which is standard across the board.

    If you know anything please share, I will be contacting Cayan tomorrow.


  • vaporworldvaporworld Member Posts: 1
    cayan is great. just moved from vantiv to cayan. so far no issues 

    vantiv shut me down on a friday because they "thought" we are selling drug paraphernalia kits. no notice was given. plus they're expensive then cayan. 
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    I need to choose between the two by Monday. I'm 99% leaning towards Vantiv. I believe Vantiv is marginally more per transaction, however that's by far recouped since there isn't an additional monthly fee as there is with Cayan (aside from the PCI fee). Plus there's no contract and no penalty for switching should you decide to do so later, but Cayan has an early termination fee if you needed to (or decided to) end the contract early!
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    I switched from Vantiv to Cayan. Vantiv is a very bad company.  Be forewarned. . . Vantiv will take as much as they can get out of you with no customer service or concern for your business.

    When I made the switch, Vantiv billed my credit card $495 for "early termination fee" even though they had continued to bill me for a minimum for 2 months after I had stopped using them.

    If you do go with Vantiv, read everything and watch every single transaction  for every single day. 
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