product weight omni channel connection

adlamoureuxadlamoureux Member Posts: 11
Is there a way to add a weight to a product (both stand-alone and variant) within LS-Retail that would connect to the product within Ecom?

It is cumbersome having to go into each product on both systems to make these updates, it would be better under one.



  • AbbasAbbas Member Posts: 79 ✭
    We found the best thing to do is export / import as you need to input x y z values that determine h x w x l then hs codes. If these could pass through from retail > ecom that would make it soooo much better.

    When you have done the bulk of your inventory then you need to do regular updates in the inventory page and can do it on bulk.

  • adlamoureuxadlamoureux Member Posts: 11
    The problem with that is if you do the export, make the changes you can only have imports less than 10,000 lines.  so if you have a store that is constantly adding products seasonally (ie fashion) you will be far beyond 10,000.  This then creates even more work by having to archive from LS-Retail.

    There needs to be a weight section under the product matrix within LS-Retail to integrates directly with the product in LS-Ecom 
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    Out of curiosity, do the color and size product matrix elements integrate between the two systems? And when I refer to integrate, I don't mean Excel jockeying for import/export handling. That's something that departs from the true goal of being omnichannel in practice :smiley:
  • AbbasAbbas Member Posts: 79 ✭
    Yes they do but with limitations - No easy way to hide oos if you have a site wide setting to show them but guess what! for £££ you can have the ones that are in stock pull to the front with an app! This site is a good example of what you could achieve with custom Dev

    Lightspeed needs to urgently have every data required to sell online pass through from Retail > ecom to justify being called omnichannel and until that happens lightspeed will remain self handicapped unable to compete and also unable to justify the price and omnichannel label.
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