Lightspeed Omnichannel linking eCom products to their Retail counterparts

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So we have built a program which works with an separate eCom and Retail shop. Now we are switching to a eCom shop connected directly to a Retail shop through Omnichannel (if you can, I would also like to receive an api_key and api_secret for this eCom connected to Retail test shop).

Using a webhook in eCom we would catch the placed orders and link the variants to their Retail counterpart, if it had one. Basically, we got the eCom order, went through the products from the order and checked if they were in separate Retail shop, grab the retail ID and then do something with it.
We still want this, however now Omnichannel manages the eCom shop from Retail, instead of a separate shop for eCom. Since I do not have an api_key or secret for this Omnichannel eCom shop I have not been able to test anything myself yet.
In the Retail API docs I read something about ITEMECOMMERCE relation, which includes the itemECommerceID. I figured that this meant that Items and Matrixes published to eCom would see their eCom id here, but loading the relation does not return anything.

In short, I receive an order webhook from the Omnichannel eCom shop. I want to go over the variants in this order and link them to their Retail parent.


  • Hello @Aaron,

    The object ItemEcommerce was used in our legacy WebStore product and it doesn't hold any data for our current eCom solution.

    In order to obtain your eCom API Key you need to contact our eCom support team. There's only one limitation to omni account's API Keys, they don't have write access to the Product endpoint.
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    Hi @Alex Lugo ,

    So how do I know to which Item an eCom variant belongs then? Are the IDs the same or something?
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