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I'm curious how other LS Retail users are reconciling their accounts receivables per their accounting systems to the accounts receivable in LS?  There is no report that will give a balance at a specific date (ie. month end or year end) and no report that will even allow me to see the customer's A/R transaction trail.

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    This has been a noted gap for us too. We have one of our companies on LS Retail, but thankfully they don't have a great deal of customer A/R. But if/when we'd implement LS Retail for our two other companies this gap is huge.

    What I'd foresee is our pulling transactional details via the API into an intermediary SQL DB table set. Then based on the timestamps I can create custom reports that roll up details up to the specified date (e.g. - year-end, month-end, etc.). It's a shame that LS Retail doesn't provide more comprehensive A/R reporting out of the box. Without this report we couldn't implement with our other two companies, unless we'd like incorrect financials and unhappy auditors. :smiley:
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