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When checking in an order the status of the order is listed as "Checking In" until the order is finalized.  This is not the case with transfers.  As soon as someone clicks "Check In" the transfer is automatically marked as "Received."

This can cause problems with inventory if the person checking in forgets to click "Add Received Items To Inventory" or exits out of the transfer screen as it will show the transfer as received when it hasn't actually been received.

I consider this a bug as it is not consistent with the process for checking in an order.  You should have to physically click received if all items have not been added to inventory.  Also a pop-up warning that items that have quantities received have not yet been added to inventory would be very helpful when trying to exit the screen.

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  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 898 
    This is an occasional fail-point for our staff as well. The two-step receiving and adding to inventory process seems counterintuitive. If you've flagged an item as received then it's obviously in your inventory at that point, right? Perhaps this was purposely implemented this way. Since backoffice item receipts doesn't necessarily mean that these items are physically on the sales floor yet. And therefore shouldn't be sellable inventory items yet. But having items in limbo due to the two-step process is annoying.

    As an extra measure we periodically have staff run the LS Retail Transfers Lost In Transit report. This will show any items that accidentally fell off the radar if staff forgot to click Add Received Items To Inventory.  
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