spreading freight costs in purchase order

cdoremuscdoremus Member Posts: 13
Any one in Lightspeed land found a easy way to spread the freight cost among inventory in a PO?  The only good thing about quickbooks was once a PO was created it allowed the user to spread the freight costs based on a percentage.  Currently we are calculating it manually but with the amount of inventory we order its time consuming .  Any help would be appreciated


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  • cherylstradingcherylstrading Member Posts: 1

    So I have Easypost and it calculates the shipping. Then the customers pays for the item and shipping. THE FAILURE is when the item is OVERSIZE and OVER $1000 that Easypost will say "no shipping to this country" and the customer won't be able to purchase the item. SO I HAVE TO RELY ON THE CUSTOMER TO CALL ME WHEN THIS HAPPENS. AND I MAY BE LOSING A LOT OF CUSTOMERS. THAT IS SO WRONG... WHAT CAN I DO? Is there an app that can simple calculate an estimate on oversize and expensive items, then I can take them too THE UPS STORE where they can package and ship and insure. WHAT IS NEEDED: a smooth shopping experience to check out and payment that includes an estimate (at least) on shipping and insurance.

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