How to save email address when emailing a receipt, but customer was not assigned to the sale

Hi! When you email a receipt from Lightspeed Retail, if you had assigned a customer to the sale, there is an easy option to save the email address to the customer's account. If you did not assign a customer to the account, but are just typing the customer's email address in ad-hoc to send the receipt after the sale, is there a way to see/get that email address later?


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    @madziakg interestingly there is, this information is saved in Retail's event logs.

    If you navigate to Settings > Advanced Setup > Event Log

    Navigate to the filters and on the top left filter, specify "Email"

    Filter through the dates you want, hit search and then export the csv file and open it into a spreadsheet.

    You'll see in the column "Input/Messages" it will have the email between the to: and the <br/> so you'll want to delete every over column containing irrelevant data and then highlight the Input/Messages column and then select Text to Columns

    Then select Delimited, then Next

    Then select "Other" and put the left pointed arrow in that field

    You'll see it splits the data into columns nicely.

    You'll be left with one big column with mainly the email addresses like so:

    We still have the "to:" we want to get rid of, so we'll want to do a find and replace like so: 


    Then select "Replace All" and then you'll have a clean column of email addresses :)

    I hope you found this helpful!

    Adrian Samuel

    Software Developer

    Lightspeed HQ

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