Easy Post integration not so Easy -

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Another day and more errors - Today this one : (

Shipment from addressemail Required and shipment return_address.emal: Required

Why has the plugin not been properly tested before being released.

I feel like a guinea pig now. Cant LS do the testing before they release something instead of us doing it???

This is a follow on from the last error last week that was ticket # 656988 (Ship to Phone number error)

Does anyone else use easy post with it working as a workflow start > finish?

Todays error
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    Hey Lightspeed,

    Have you tried the Easy Post integration lately??
    Another order - Another error.
    Its not working!

  • AbbasAbbas Member Posts: 79 ✭
    2 Weeks later and this is still an issue for us. Does Lightspeed test integrations before they are released ? 
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