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When I create or update an ItemMatrix through the API and give it a Brand and Category, it works all fine. But when I add an Item to it it does not get the Brand and Category of the Matrix.

When I do this manually, e.g. I manually set the Category on the ItemMatrix through your website, the Items which are part of the ItemMatrix all get the Category.

The reason I am asking this is because I want the Category to also appear in the Omnichannel eCom shop. Brand seems to work fine. Even though it does not appear on the Items when I set the ItemMatrix Brand through the API, the eCom product still has this Brand (I figure the mapping is so that the eCom Product gets the Brand of the Retail ItemMatrix). However, the mapping for the Category appears to be different. The Category present on the ItemMatrix is not mapped to the eCom Product. But when I do it manually (add a Category to the ItemMatrix through your website), the Category appears on the ItemMatrix Items and the Category appears on the eCom Product. I figure this is because it maps the Item Category to the eCom Product. I am fine with this if the ItemMatrix Category would be present on the ItemMatrix Items, which it is not when doing it through the API.

So, how can I ensure that the Category is also present in eCom through the API?


  • aaronaaron Member Posts: 44
    Is this issue known or is there some other explanation?
  • aaronaaron Member Posts: 44
    Is there no solution for this? Cause now I am running into the issue that when I update an ItemMatrix with a new Brand and Category, the Brand and Category do not get pushed to the Items of the ItemMatrix which means that the Items have the old Brand + Category, while the ItemMatrix has the new ones. Now when I update an Item it will automatically sync back to the ItemMatrix giving it the old Brand + Category again.
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