Merging multiple orders and backorders

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We are producer of the products we sell to shops and distributors. This means we sell products which will be delivered a year or more later when the production is finished, we announce the products early to acquire a large backorder list. When a buyer orders a product which is not in stock it will be added to the backorder. In our current system (Unit 4 Multivers) every new order is added to (merged with) the original order of this particular buyer. This is implemented this way because otherwise a buyer might have a hundred separate orders, which are backordered. Unworkable when new stock is delivered, you suddenly have dozens of invoices and packing list, while only one is needed.

When new products are delivered and stock is updated, the original order is split into the original order with the backordered items, which are still not in stock, and an order of products which are in stock now. Only then an invoice is send out for this order and the backorder list is updated. The top row in the order overview is then the original order, which are the remaining backorders, and below the rows with invoice number of the orders which have been shipped out.

Is the single shop API suitable to implement this system for a new B2B shop we want to built? Our customers should also be able to log in and view their complete backorder list, so they can make decisions on what to buy.

Peter Jan (our current B2C shop)

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