Kangaroo WTF?

MD44MD44 Member Posts: 1
Kangaroo, what a piece of shit!

A rewards program is essential, but I really feel you guys have hitched yourself to a lame duck here.
Counting the points and using the points is fine, but their marketing tools are just so bogus.
Shiity freeware pretending to be MailChimp and not even close and full of excuses and no resolution and costs a ridiculous amount for what you get.
Seriously, look at other providers, your killing your clients with this crap. 

Collect gives me rewards for $20 per month not $80 per month.
MailChimp give me all the marketing i need for $55 per month no $80 per month and is easy and actually works.

To be honest, if I had known how shit Kangaroo was before I moved to Lightspeed, I really would have thought about changing for a lot longer. 
You need to talk to them and tell them to smarten the fuck up or get rid of them, 

If you're going to help me be successful and tell all my friends, you need to have tools that work.
Kangaroo is not that tool. 
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