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Hello all,

I have a question about the usage of different Images for multi-language Stores.
What we would like to do:
Imagine you have a German and a English version of your store and want to use designed banners with texts on them. I know there is an option to use text overlays depending on the theme you use, but our designer wants a bit more freedom. Of course we don't want to use the german written banner on the english page, but currently we don't have another option outside of "using it suboptimally" or "not using it".
Is there any way of configuration to use different images at the same place for different language versions of the page? For example: Slider1 has a Banner with an german text on the picture in the german store, and an english text on the picture in the english store.
I guess something like that is very basic for multi-language stores and very important for improving your conversion-rate.

I have to admit that I just have a little bit of self-taught understanding when we talk about coding, so I won't be able to implement complex structures.

Any ideas or is that impossible with Lightspeed E-Com?

Thank you very much!


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    I don't know of a way to do it without using the Theme Editor (which does make you ineligible for free updates and theme support).

    I would use an if/else conditional to display the appropriate image.

    {% if shop.language == 'us' %}<img src="url1"/>{% else %}<img src="url2"/>{% endif %}

    Would be curious if there is a better way, perhaps with variables and js. But that would be my approach.
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    Some themes have build-in image fields for different languages. However, the most flexible way of adding images per language is the way Michael described.
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