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Time Sensitive help needed.
Hey all, I'm trying to change my client information to run my app from a different account. However the Lightspeed update screen found here won't let me save the new URL and redirect URI saying that its 

Error: Invalid URL: URL provided contains reserved Lightspeed trademarks or search engines.

My URL is merely changing the ID number in the URL the main address is still the same as the ones currently being used? what am I missing? 
My Redirect URI and MAin URL are very similar ; heres the redacted URI:{My-script-ID-made-of-nonsensical-alpha-numeric-characters}/usercallback
Why would it be fine for the current URLs and not the new ones? was planning to roll out the end user KPIs today thinking this would not be an issue but I've been at it all morning and I'm getting nowhere. Any info would be a great help 
thank you.
Much thanks for everyone's help!


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