Passing Data After a Retail & E commerce Sale?

scott74scott74 Posts: 4Member
I am looking to pass a data after each sale is made into a 3rd party reputation marketing system.

Data needed would be:

  1. Customer First Name
  2. Customer Email
  3. Customer Cell Phone
  4. Store Location Whether That Be An ID of some sort
  5. Employee Name That Made The Sale

Looking to set this up through Zapier but did't see anywhere in light speed to add a web-hook after a sales is made.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to accomplish this and would these be separate API's for E commerce and Retail Sale?

Thanks Scott


  • gregaricangregarican Posts: 137Member ✭
    I'm not sure that LS Retail has webhooks of any sort in the API. Although LS E-com does if I'm not mistaken. If anyone on here wants to correct me if I'm mistaken :smiley:
  • scott74scott74 Posts: 4Member
    Thanks, Can I create a polling URL in Zapier to ping Light Speed for a new Sales and pass that info that way?

    Just looking for that documentation and what all data can be passed after the sale.. Just needing the above 5 bullets basically.

    Thanks for the help.
  • scott74scott74 Posts: 4Member
    Thank you. I will play around with it. Can you tell me where I find my account ID?{accountID}/Sale/{saleID}
  • gregaricangregarican Posts: 137Member ✭
    In LS Retail, click on Help down in the bottom left. The Account ID appears in the little pop-up window!
  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Posts: 204Moderator, Lightspeed Staff moderator
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    @gregarican great responses!

    @scott74 , as Greg has said you could set up a chron job to dynamically get sales data since Retail doesn't have webhooks

    Also you can get your accountID from the account endpoint here:
  • scott74scott74 Posts: 4Member
    edited November 19
    Ok thanks Adrian.
    Looks like that requires a token. I only saw something in my account with tokens when I enabled ecom. Do I have this with the retail side to connect to the API?

    I had signed up for a trial account to test this but wondering if you have another way of testing for agencies seeing what they might be able to do for clients or best way to go about that? My trial is 14 days and have one of my guys who is a little better with the API stuff look at this.

    Another option is if you guys have SFTP where you can generate a list of fields and a URL to send that to each day. Is that possible with the system?
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  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Posts: 204Moderator, Lightspeed Staff moderator
    Hey @scott74, yeah you'll need to register an API client and then go through the steps as listed in the documentation to get your access token:

    If you login to your account could simply pass the API URL in the browser. Something like this:{{accountID}}/{{endpoint}}.json

    We don't have a SFTP but you can just use the API to replicate the same process.

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