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SnowatSnowat Posts: 1Member
Please can someone advise me which eCom theme(s) are the best for mobile browsing?

We are currently using the Vice theme. When viewed on a mobile the product images are displayed below the menus which mean users have to scroll down quite a way before they see any images.   

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  • michaelsteelemichaelsteele Posts: 42Member
    It looks like your theme is either running an older version of Vice or has been customized to have those category menus show up above the product images. In our experience of installing a wide range of the LS themes, most are using best practices when it comes to mobile navigation and layout. I'd tour a few demos and see if one stands out as a good fit for your store.

    We typically prioritize these features when it comes to mobile:
    • Search is front and center on every page (ideally without toggling a menu)
    • Mobile menus are able to show a lot of categories/subcategories, if the product catalog calls for it
    • It's obvious on how to return to the cart on every page
    • The product page is optimized for product photos and important details/specs
    • Category filters are easily accessible on category pages
    Best of luck.
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