Unable to save custom fields

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I am having issues with saving custom fields.

Here is a custom item I made for testing, I tried filling in the productCode custom field, but it created the 'Could not save (try again)' error.

I tried adding a new custom field called test, give it a value, and the same issue occured.

Is there an issue with Retail? It used to work just fine.

It only happens with the custom fields as well, other values are being saved just fine.

Edit 27/11/2018 11:57 CET:

Through the API it also raises an error:
{    "httpCode": "500",    "httpMessage": "Internal Server Error",    "message": "Error reporting is broken : check error_log()"}
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  • aaronaaron Posts: 44Member
    It seems that the issue is now gone, probably just some issues at Lightspeeds side.

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    Yeah, I had a few sporadic Cloudflare hosting errors accessing resources. Even this message board, for example. I wouldn't be surprised. Glad it's okay now!
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