Pay Pal Express Errors

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We are experiencing an unaceptable level of cart abandonment and believe the culprit is PayPal Express Checkout. The checkout fails completly when going to a direct link > Payment/pay/ and does not resolve taking you back to the PayPal select a payment option.

The second error is with the express checkout. I reported the error on the 18th of october and nothing has been done about it!

It is a total nightmare to checkout with payPal Express. The specific error is with the region for the shipping address but added on to that the process is slow tedious and makes you wanto cry. If you tick the box to ship to a different address nothing happens. What are you supposed to do? It takes lots of guesswork and only after enormous effort on the part of the user they may dicover that you must click on Update order data to make a change to the delivery details. If they do not discover this then I understand why someone would not choose to persue an order using Lightspeed's buggy and poorly engineered checkout.

In over 6 weeks the issue has been reported and I explained that it was having an effect on cart abandonment.
Why has this not been fixed - it is happening on a tablet and on desktop

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    It's been two years since you posted this and there seems to still be a ton of issues with Paypal Express Checkout and now the new Commerce Platform. Have you had any luck or seen any fixes since your post?


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