Has anyone integrated an amazon store with their retail store?

I'm assuming I will need a third party app to integrate my retail store to an amazon store.. has anyone done this before? Can you recommend one?


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    One third party integrator we worked with earlier this year is Hyperspace (https://hyperspacehq.com/). They appear to already have an integration built between LS Retail and Amazon Marketplace. If that indeed is the case I'd recommend checking them out. If they don't already have this as a truly functioning app then it might require some time and effort for something to be engineered by them. At least based on our experiences...
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    You can try "Omnichannel Commerce", it's world’s leading POS integration provider, offers seamless Lightspeed Retail integration with Amazon as well as eCommecre Shopping carts including Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento etc.

    If you want to test the integration then you can go with free plan and upgrade when you grow.

    For more information kindly visit: https://www.omnichannelcommerce.biz/lightspeed-ecommerce-integration/
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