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I have installed Retail-cloud for our hobby store. Retail has a lot very fine fine details or options that we need to handle our business.

So, after 4 months of using Retail, I can say that the use of SKU is not fully implemented across the application. All of our products are based on Manufact. SKU. Without the use of SKU any software would be all useless for us.

Some examples of missing the use of sku:

- when adding a new product, Retail does not validate if the SKU is already used, or if it is missing a the save step. So, we can have product without sku, or double lines with the same skus :( . The validation should be available to whom uses sku.

- Product searching (stock and sales transaction)
     - often sku begins with letters identifying the manufacturer (those supplied by distributors)
     - like : ABC-3000
     - if you enter only 3000, the system does not find the product :(
     - You have to enter ABC-3000 or ABC-3 for list of products beginning with ABC-3xxx
     - It will be nice if we could search with partial sku, like with the customers option which is very fine

- Sale transaction
     - you can not see the sku of the product just scanned or keyboard entered on sale transaction
     - So. it is not helpful to verify if all the products have been entered
     - By chance, we have the option to get the sku printed on sale receipt, but the transaction is terminated.
     - So, we need to have the sku display for each line (an option could be activated to do that)

- Reports
     - Retail can produce very nice reports for the stock, list of products with many options
     - But, unfortunately, on stock list, no SKU displayed, So the report can not be used :(
     - We can check checkbox to display categories or brands, but we need to check also an option to display the SKU too.

- eCom

    - we see that eCom receives the SKU from Retail. On some option we can see it. But when a product is shown to the customer on the front side of eCom, the sku is not display :(

I hope to see the implementation of the SKU more wide spread in Retail and eCom. I hope that those examples will help your nice developers to make an upgrade about the use of sku. So, business that are based on sku will love more your application :)


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  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 683 
    edited December 2018
    Yep, agreed on all counts. The System SKU, Custom SKU, and Manufacturer SKU appear in inventory searches, but in reports, inventory counts, vendor returns, POS, etc. they aren't always available. This inconsistency makes it difficult for sure. Handling inventory on a large scale makes it imperative to be able to reference the SKU's across all of these places. After all a short description such as "Gents Sterling Silver Cross" really isn't uniquely distinguishing :smiley:

    Lightspeed Analytics and custom third-party API development are the standard workarounds for us. But it's a shame, since most standard POS/inventory packages consistently list a SKU...
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