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Hi everyone,

We have a new guide in our help centre to help customers get started with Lightspeed eCom. It can be found in the Retail help centre, in the Retail with eCom section.

Here is the introduction to the new guide.

Let us know what you think!



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    @Heather This is such a great resource!
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    @Heather I would highly suggest adding the setup of notifications and improving your notification templates. For months we did not realize that they were not going out because they were not populated. We assumed that they were going out but just generic.

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    Hey @msleete Thanks for the feedback, I will bring this back to the team.
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    @laetitiabonaldo Hi Laetitia! This customer has a recommendation for eCom documentation. See above! :)
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    @msleete Hi Scott!

    There are plans to incorporate cutomer notifications in the Enhanced level of our Omni Getting Started. It is currently under construction. In the meantime, Lightspeeders can use this existing help article:

    We're also working on improving the default templates in English, French, Dutch and German. By including templates by default and reworking their content, we hope Lightspeeders like yourself won't run into customer notification related issues going forward.

    Thank you again for your suggestions and you can look forward to having them implemented in the future!

    Very Best,
    Laetitia Bonaldo
    Technical Writer
    Lightspeed HQ
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    At the present time, I have 4 bookstores. We use e-commerce for in-store pick up and shipping. Both are a bit complicated. 1. In store pick up takes the inventory from our main store even though the other stores are filling that order. 2. Shipping. I have to use a direct-to-home for shipping from my vendor. Which means, when I have 20 orders to ship, I have to make 20 separate orders from my vendor. We are a fairly large church but not large enough to have our own warehouse for shipping. Any resolutions?
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    @beverlyg ,

    Are you still using Lightspeed Retail to operate your four bookstores? If so I have a customer who is considering moving off a Filmmaker-based point-of-sale bookselling solution to a cloud-based system at my instigation. In my investigations, one of the things preventing her from moving to Lightspeed is the lack of inventory fields for "author", "publisher", and "distributor." It seemed to me a trivial matter to find another software (cloud or mac-based) that would query the Internet, find this data, and populate inventory-record fields with this information. Do you track this other information in your Lightspeed installation and if so how?

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