How to create a Product Set via API?

janvogtjanvogt Member Posts: 2
I can't get to work. It always creates a product with one default variant. I would expect one variant per combination of option values in the given set.
The set has been created beforehand via

One interesting observation is that this created set can't be used to add to a product. It says that it needs at least one option with at least one value associated, despite displaying all options and values as sent in the request. After adding one more value manually, I could associate this set with a product (both ways: create a new one or add to an existing one) and variants vor all(!) values are created. But trying to use this - now working - set to create a new Product via API still only gives me one default variant. This all seems really buggy :(

I was counting on being able to use the API for a large Product import. All with mutidimensional variants, thus CSV import is not an option. I am looking forward to any example of (a) working request(s) to create a Product set with multiple options programmatically. I would appreciate examples showing the necessary JSON payload and respective endpoints, since I'm not using the PHP client.


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