Invoice Splits

igork007igork007 Member Posts: 1
Does anyone use Invoice Splits?  To me a Split means that two reps who worked on an invoice should split whatever profits, commissions, benefits, come with that invoice.  

For example: Invoice total is $1000. Cost of items on that invoice is $600 leaving $400 profit.  If the sales reps are paid a 25% commission based on profit then (if the invoice was split) each rep should receive $50 ($400 X 25%=$100)/2.  Unfortunately Lightspeed does not do that.  What it does is give the full profit/commission to each rep so $400 X 25% = $100.  So the company, instead of paying $50 to each rep, winds up paying $100 to reach rep.  

Wondering if anyone from development has looked at this.  I can't imagine it's difficult to correct considering that the "ability" to split invoices has already been created.
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