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ScapiauScapiau Member Posts: 2
Hi, we have a shop and a sperate warehouse. For this warehouse we were advised to implement a second shop.
We are also using work orders for keeping track of our webshop orders (we have multiple webshops on different platforms, not integrated with LS)

When products need to be ordered for a sale, we can create a special order. But when we are working with workorders and stock is needed the system does not always give the message that there is not enough stock available (is this a bug ? or are we doing something wrong here ?).
This means no special order is created. 

How can we have an overview in one report of : 

1. Physical stock
2. Reservations
3. Special orders
4. Work Orders
5. Available stock

The difficulty in this one lies in the calculation of the available stock which should be able to go negative to show that a special order / purchase is needed

Does anyone has experience with this situation ? 


  • bbbsbbbs Member Posts: 1
    Is this what you mean? The warning that an item is not in stock when creating a workorder. 

  • stefancapiaustefancapiau Member Posts: 1
    Hi, that is indeed a warning that sometimes pops up. The problem is that it does not show this warning always. 

    I have made examples which can be reproduced and gave them to support, but without a real answer. 

    If you see the warning you can click on the special order mark, but when you don't get the message and you don't check the available stock at that moment, the figures are totally messed up. 

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