Looking for a time tracking integration.

Aidan22Aidan22 Member Posts: 2

I am looking for a time tracking application that can integrate with Lightspeed. A quick google search led me to this: https://clockify.me/ .

As we sometimes do time based labour, this would be a great tool for providing accurate labour charges. 

Not too sure if such a thing is already offered, but any suggestions would be great! 


  • shailendershailender Member Posts: 1
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    I occasionally use AccountSight for free for my billing and invoicing purpose. It allows me to track my billing hours and accurately bill my clients. It has custom integration option so I feel you can integrate it with Lightspeed. You can find more here - https://www.accountsight.com/

  • brentgbrentg Member Posts: 6

    check out stoolkit.com. Its done! You can provide Admin access to user so service managers can adjust time clocks. Track Multiple Techs on one WO. Get a Summary report of all time on the job. And with the ability to set a shops hourly wage in the Admin panel, you get an under/over clock. This provides the tech how much time he has remaining to complete the job or how over he has gone vs the billed time amount.

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