Total Cost / Cost Average for Inventory?

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In the reporting we are able to select and use 'Total Cost' and 'Cost Average', but I don't see anything like this from the API unless I'm missing something.  I've been tasked to recreate this report because of the HUGE amount of time and resources it takes to run from the server.  I've managed to get all of the data I need to do this except for these two things.

Is there any way to pull these from the API that I've missed?

Thanks in advance.


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    I guess that answers my question.  Is there anyone in these forums anymore?  Considering this is our "official" support I'm thinking that it's time to move along and start researching other products.
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    When I looked online at the API docs ( I see that there are several cost elements passed back when you are pulling an item via the API. Here's a snippet below from the example they provided. Looks like these are accessible via the API then!

    <product full_render="true" id="68" uri="https://localhost:9630/api/products/68/">
       <class id="9" uri="https://localhost:9630/api/setup/classes/9/"/>
       <currency id="1" uri="https://localhost:9630/api/setup/currencies/1/"/>
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    Hi yes, I have found that one now, but sadly it's only available per SKU, which is not very helpful for my needs.  It will take me longer to do this through the API (having to make over a quarter million API calls) than it does for the report to run from inside LightSpeed (which "only" takes about 6 hours)
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    Taking "only" 6 hours to generate a report sounds like my mainframe days from years ago. When we'd demand a report from a mainframe server across the country. Then come back in the next morning to see it on the tractor feed printer.

    Of course when it comes to 2018, with LS Retail I imported our smallest company's data into the system via the API in "only" three plus days. lol  
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    Some of the other reporting we've had to stop using takes "only" 24 hours (or longer) to run.  It really seems like their database backend is quite the mess given some of the debugging I've seen in error messages I trigger.

    It really seems like LightSpeed doesn't really care to do anything about improving their API.  It's only been several months since the latest release and they can't even be bothered to post the updated API documentation online (and yes some things have changed since the version posted online).

    I've attempted to make some suggestions for things that would be super useful to add to the API but the canned response I typically get back is "The developers have no interest in adding _____ to the API."
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    Well I guess these forums are going away given that someone is using this post as a test bed for moving things to Vanilla ... very odd indeed.  Thanks for using my question that no one could be bothered to answer as a test bed for continuing ignoring us.
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