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I have a question with regards to the stock management and it's reports. 

The following I would like to know:

1. How much my food costs are per x timeframe according to sales
2. What my current inventory is from both "products" & "ingredients"

For example, 

A bottle of wine can be sold in both per glass and per bottle- yet it comes from the same bottle. So how do I map this? Yet I still want to know how many bottles I have left in stock.

Same goes for the ingredients of cocktails.

It seems like the ingredients part does not have an stock option? If I have X lemons, how do I keep track of this stock?

Thanks in advance, 


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  • CatherineCatherine Member, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 29 Lightspeed
    Hi Tom, 

    1. First, you will need to add a cost to all your individual product for the system to calculate the cost by how many you have sold. To add the cost, from the Restaurant manager you go to Products. You click on a product, from the Edit product screen, you scroll down and click on Advanced, and scroll down to cost. 


    Once you added a cost to all your product, on your Product report you will have the cost of your items depending on how many times they were sold.


    2. Unfortunately, the stock of actual products from your menu and ingredients do not work hand in hand, they work independently. You would have to know how many glasses are in a bottle and calculate it manually from how many bottles you sold. 

    ''It seems like the ingredients part does not have an stock option? If I have X lemons, how do I keep track of this stock?'' Indeed, as this is an ingredient. You will find how many you have used in the Ingredient report. 

    If you need assistance or have more questions, I invite you to call our 24/7 support line at Toll-free: 866-932-1801 ext.2 for Support option.4 for Restaurant. You can also send us an email directly at [email protected] 

    Happy Holidays!

    Warm regards,

    Catherine Desgroseilliers
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