CustomFieldValues not showing anything but the first value?

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Hi again,

I am currently trying to pull the CustomFieldValues from a specific item and instead I get the CustomFieldValues with just the first CustomFieldValue in it. There are multiple CustomFields in the item so I am wondering if there is anything that needs to done in order for the system to see the others? Or perhaps I am doing something wrong?

Basically i am using:{{Account}}/Item/{{itemID}}.json?load_relations=["CustomFieldValues"]

I am url encoding the internal quotes as well if that makes any difference.

Thanks again for all the help, this board is a great resource!
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    Hi @Adrian Samuel
    Apologies for that. The open bracket is present, it was a copy error. I will try to edit if I can. Also, I messaged you with the info you asked for. Thanks for the help.
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