Unstable internet connection – what to do?

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Hi guys!

In support we are asked a lot what the best the options are to deal with an unstable internet connection. As your POS system is an online software, this is pretty important to ensure a fluid and carefree service!

Apart from checking your internet cables, contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and asking them to check your network and perform a speed test, there are extra hardware devices you can purchase to make sure your network/ internet connection is more stable.

The Liteserver
The Liteserver is actually a mini computer that makes sure your Resto App will work when you do not have an internet connection. It relies on the network your router/modem provides even when there is no internet connection (confirm with your ISP that your router/modem is capable of sending out a Wi-Fi signal without internet) to ensure the iPad, Liteserver and printers can still communicate with each other.

For more info please check the Liteserver tips and tricks article.

The Apple Airport

The Apple Airport will make your network a whole lot more stable, which will ensure a better communication between your iPads - printers - Airport - Liteserver. You can create a separate network with the Apple Airport and decide to only use this network for your POS system. The Apple Airport offers a lot more possibilities besides that, like creating a guest network, making reservations for your IP addresses... Making DHCP reservations for your IP addresses ensures that when the power goes out or when the printer or Liteserver is reconnecting they will always receive the same IP address. That way you can prevent print issues or login issues because of changed IP addresses.

Don’t hesitate to reply or reach out to support for more info!
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