Error 429 - Too Many Requests

SilvanSilvan Posts: 4Member
I've tried to retrieve all orders of a given month, not realising that the large quantity (4 million) of requests can trigger a database protection response to this.

Now all request are blocked (blacklisted?)

It would be nice to retrieve all orders within a set time period in 1 call.

Anyway, I would like to know what this error implies systematically. Am I blacklisted, locked out for xxx minutes?


  • Adrian SamuelAdrian Samuel Posts: 515Moderator, Lightspeed Staff moderator
    Hey @Silvan

    Every modern API has some of kind of rate limiting since every request has a cost.

    A 429 error is simply a signal to inform you that you have made too many requests during a given period. 

    You can read this on our documentation here:

    The default rate limits are set at
    A maximum of 300 requests every 5 minutes,
    A maximum of 3000 requests every hour
    A maximum of 12000 requests every 24 hours
    With every request you'll receive a response which includes the following headers:


    The rate limit remaining

    The time it takes for the rate limit to reset to total capacity (at 300 or 3000 or 12000)

    Simply get your code to read the headers and then cause your code to sleep for periods of time

    Adrian Samuel

    API Integrations Consultant - Strategic Solutions

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