API rate limiting?

markguertinmarkguertin Member Posts: 61
Is there some sort of rate limiting in place, or are there any other reasons anyone can think of as to why the LightSpeed server is only able to process about 1-2 API requests per second?  Given the way things are laid out in the API and the lack of response for adding anything additional into the API, and given this problem and the types of data that I'm needing to get (i.e. having to do 250,000 API requests) things are looking pretty bleak for the future of LightSpeed and any hopes at integrating for our needs here.

Can anyone from LightSpeed comment on any of this?  It seems like this whole forum has turned into a ghost town considering that no one from LightSpeed seems to be monitoring (or at least answering) anything that gets posted here...


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 702 
    Since I presume LS OnSite doesn't involve LS cloud resources, and since I don't see any mention of API throttling in their online docs, I would think the answer would be no. If you are hosting your own server then perhaps that's the bottleneck. If this is the case, have you look at resource utilization on the server while your API calls are taking place?
  • markguertinmarkguertin Member Posts: 61
    Server utilization when doing calls is next to nothing, so it's not an I/O or IOPS issue.
  • markguertinmarkguertin Member Posts: 61
    Well let me rephrase that ... most times utilization is next to nothing (some things I have to run peg the CPU for minutes or longer) ... but in the case of the issues I'm running into here, like doing those single API calls for each of the 250k+ products I need to gather the info from, CPU and I/O utilization is next to nothing, but I'm still only able to get 1-2 calls running per second.
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