Gift Registry Option available?

I need to have an ecom solution that has a gift registry option. Ideally I want to stay with my Lightspeed ecom. Anyone know of a plug in that works with Lightspeed?


  • hazelbabyhazelbaby Member Posts: 1

    I need one as well.

    We used to be able to create and share the wish list but now I can't see to figure out how to use that. I can't understand why they don't have one. I have been asking for one for over 5 years.

  • ffffffrabbitffffffrabbit Member Posts: 1

    There is a wishlist, but not sharable nor searchable. People have been using Amazon to create a wishlist -- that drives customers away.

    Come on ... there is on the back end https ... admin/customers/2095177

    Why not put just simply admin/wishlist/2095177 --- you're pulling an array to create that. Just pull it out. Come on!

  • J4KDancewearJ4KDancewear Member Posts: 2


    Can you add buttons to at least allow users to email their wishlists to others?

  • Mark82Mark82 Member Posts: 3

    +100 on this.

    This is a big thing. At least make the current wishlist shareable.

    An $800 setup fee is a ridiculous fee from to create this.

  • KicksGigglesKicksGiggles Member Posts: 3

    Still hopeful this is coming. AdVision is not advanced usage. My registry is expensive. Babylist is not friendly. Always have to call to get it to sync. Supposed to be consumer easy. Shopify, are you the answer?

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