Gift Registry Option available?

I need to have an ecom solution that has a gift registry option. Ideally I want to stay with my Lightspeed ecom. Anyone know of a plug in that works with Lightspeed?


  • hazelbabyhazelbaby Member Posts: 1

    I need one as well.

    We used to be able to create and share the wish list but now I can't see to figure out how to use that. I can't understand why they don't have one. I have been asking for one for over 5 years.

  • ffffffrabbitffffffrabbit Member Posts: 1

    There is a wishlist, but not sharable nor searchable. People have been using Amazon to create a wishlist -- that drives customers away.

    Come on ... there is on the back end https ... admin/customers/2095177

    Why not put just simply admin/wishlist/2095177 --- you're pulling an array to create that. Just pull it out. Come on!

  • J4KDancewearJ4KDancewear Member Posts: 2


    Can you add buttons to at least allow users to email their wishlists to others?

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