translation apps - how to use the API?

KamilKamil Member Posts: 1
Hi there
We want to create the app which could translate webshop via app.

The app could
1. override default transaction
2. Add Custom Transaction.

I made research in your documentation and found a page about Modifying and adding transaction via shop panel. (
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any API endpoint which would provide the same functionality.
Do anyone know how can I use you API to provide translation app?
I'd glad for any help.

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  • TimBloembergenTimBloembergen Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 38 moderator
    Hi Kamil,

    At the moment we do not have endpoints for custom translations available in our API. We do however think this would be a great addition to our API.

    Please keep a look out on our releaselogs (available in the Backoffice) where we publish each change and addition we make to our platform.
    Tim Bloembergen
    API Integrations Specialist
    Lightspeed HQ
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