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Has anyone created rental forms in Lightspeed? We need one for our bicycle store.

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  • AhmedRachediAhmedRachedi Member, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 35 Lightspeed
    Hi @johndavis ,

    while Lightspeed doesn't have a built in Rental Manager, many companies integrate with us for this very purpose:

    These include:

    • Bike Rental Manager
    • BikeBookings
    • Rental Shop Manager.

    For more details click HERE.

    Otherwise, it would be possible to use the Workorder forms for this as well. When creating a Work Order the system asks you to enter customer information and the work order itself can be used to keep track of when the rental starts and ends.

    You can also create Custom Work Order Statuses to reflect the fact that it's a rental.

    A Non-Inventory Item can be created to charge the Rental fee so that when you complete the "Work Order" you can charge the rental.

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