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We are in the process of moving from Onsite to Retail, and getting used to the new workflows. One item we have noticed is there appears to be no record of cancelled (deleted) special orders. Imagine we go through the following process:

1)Special Order Created 2)SO Added to PO  3)PO Received 4)Called Box Checked on SO linked to PO

At this point it is possible that the customer comes in and the item ordered is tried on but not purchased and then put into inventory. I see that a record is created for this in the item's history, but I can't see where the cancelled special order appears under the customer profile. It seems that the special order is simply deleted from the customer record.

It would be helpful to be able to see which special orders had been cancelled (and track a reason why: item unavailable, didn't fit, etc) rather than have the SO disappear from the customer record. Are we just missing something? 

Thanks for any advice on tracking cancelled special orders. 


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    A little followup:

    We did just discover the "Inventory Change Logs" built in report, which will show all cancelled orders along with the customer name. It would still be nice to access that data from the customer record. 
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