How to edit Checkout page

TerryTerry Member Posts: 2
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Hi, I want to customize the ./checkout page, but I cant find the right .rain file.
I am using the 'Ultimate Theme' from Instijl Media.

It seems like the check out button is missing.
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  • michaelsteelemichaelsteele Member Posts: 42 ✭
    The checkout code is not accessible in the theme files, but depending on what you want to change, css or javascript may get the job done.

    Do you have a payment processor set up? That is often the reason for the checkout button not appearing.

    Hope that helps.  
  • TerryTerry Member Posts: 2
    setting up a payment provider solved the problem. thank you!
  • MatijaMatija Member Posts: 3

    Hello, I am new at Lightspeed and I need some help. I need to change some styling on Checkout Page such as positioning of some elements and colors of some elements. I am familiar with that Checkout Page cannot change from the .rain files or global CSS file. Styling from the editor itself has very poor selection and I would like to change more. Is there a way to change CSS of some elements on that page and can you tell me what exactly should I do?

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