Registers will not stay Locked on Ipad

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We have been having an issue where our registers will not stay locked to a device throughout the day. For example a cashier might check someone out on one register and complete the sale. Then, they will check someone out on a different register, but the original register will follow the cashier to the next sale on a different device. Makes our drawers reading a nightmare at the end of the day. Is anyone else having a similar issue?


  • Max DunlapMax Dunlap Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 1 moderator
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    Hi Addison!

    Thanks for posting! Unfortunately this is a known issue at the moment which has been reported to our development team. I’ve checked that we’ve linked your contact information to the ticket so you will be notified as soon as we’ve been able to release a fix.

    I'll be sure to update this thread as well when I have an update.
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  • addisongregoryaddisongregory Member Posts: 4
    Thanks Max. How quickly do these types of issues typically get resolved?
  • Gabriel GivensGabriel Givens Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 19 moderator
    Hello Addison,

    Better late than never right? But one suggestion I can offer is that I would recommend that you assign staff to a register as a way to help mitigate this from happening. So for example, say if you have four sales people who ring sales up on your registers. You might say to your sales people, Cashier's A and C are on register 1, and Cashier's B and D are on register 2 always.

    In the event that they do have to switch for some reason. It'd be important for them to tap "Manage Registers" in the POS app or click your name in the upper right corner if using a Web Browser, and click the register you're using to ensure you know for a fact you're using the right register.

    It's not a solution, but a suggested workflow until we can fully address this issue.

    Have a great day!
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