Kangaroo Rewards vs Other Apps

SirJagerSirJager Member Posts: 4
We just started using KR and so far so good. Does what it says and then some. Support has been great.
Would like to see more of a custom branded look but maybe there are ways to do that...
Also like to incorporate it into eCom.

Anyone have experience with Kangaroo Rewards or other loyalty programs?

Actual user looking for info...


  • msleetemsleete Member Posts: 2
    We have been using Thirdshelf since my wife opened her store last September. We have been very please and they offer great support and metrics.

    They have improved their ability to custom brand and format emails. Customers can earn points when they shop online but can't redeem yet.

    Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions.
  • MeepleMadnessMeepleMadness Member Posts: 1
    We've been using Kangaroo for a few months now. We use their Merchant Web App as a Kiosk at our register. It has limited branding (you can basically have a slideshow of images you want on it), and allows folks to check their rewards points and also refer friends to the shoppe.
  • TourightTouright Member Posts: 5
    We use Kangaroo - be honest do not utilize like I could but slowly am a little bit more.
    Id love to see the promotions you all send out I am a little more creative when adapting what someone else has started with
    - when I ask Kangaroo they dont let me know who else is using.
    not sure if I should put my cell # and or email on here but Id like to see yours if you would.
    How do we share that sort of information ?
  • beverlygbeverlyg Member Posts: 5
    Are there any reward apps that are not so costly? I have 4 stores and really don't have the resources to spend the high monthly fees for each. I know some other POS systems have their own rewards set in their systems that are free
  • ElliebarkElliebark Member Posts: 2
    I just migrated over to Kangaroo at my shop and we're using their points based loyalty and new frequent buyer (punch card) program. We switched over from Thirdshelf since their frequent buyer program functionality was lacking an important integration piece with lightspeed. Thirdshelf wasn't handling returns (removing punches from cards after a return.) Also Thirdshelf didn't have the configuration that we needed such as setting time limits on frequent buyer cards. My industry has a lot of manufacturer sponsored Frequent Buyer programs so we needed more robust configuration to handle their requirements. Also the admin control and reporting for managing frequent buyer was not robust enough for us so we switched over to Kangaroo.

    Both thirdshelf and kangaroo work really well if you're looking for an integrated system that offers points based loyalty. Kangaroo has more robust features beyond points too which has been very cool to play with. We just implemented so we haven't taken any of the advanced discounting features live at the shop yet. In my opinion and experience Kangaroo's Frequent buyer system is much better and I would not recommend thirdshelf if you need to manage frequent buyer programs. Kangaroo is much more feature rich than Thirdshelf but Thirdshelf is prettier to the customer.

    From a support perspective, when I signed up for Thirdshelf I was able to reach somebody just about any time via chat, m-f during business hours. After a few months they pulled back their chat-based support and you could only reach them via e-mail which I was not a fan of. So sometimes I'd report something to thirdshelf and go days without a response. With Kangaroo, I'm able to reach somebody on their chat or e-mail or phone. They have been very good to work with and resolve issues very very quickly.

    Both were really easy to set up. Both do a great job with points. I think if you only need a points based system, Thirdshelf is your bet. If you want anything beyond points including advance discounting, frequent buyer, customer retention marketing, etc I'd go with Kangaroo. More features for not much more money. Note: thirdshelf does have the customer retention marketing too but it was ad add-on cost on top of the base fee for the points based loyalty program.

    I hope this helps you! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!
  • eyaminieyamini Member Posts: 1
    Gourmetmiles is inexpensive and free to try for 3 months. Only for restaurants.
  • slachovskyslachovsky Member Posts: 2
    Although it is only for LightSpeed Restaurant, please check out https://www.datacandy.com/lightspeed/
  • beverlygbeverlyg Member Posts: 5
    With four bookstores stores, I am looking for something cheap! Someone has suggested TXTvertiZe. Has anyone else ever used that? The cost seem fairly reasonable, although I would prefer free! There are several POS systems that offer free rewards for their customers, but what I have found with Lightspeed, they all carry a monthly fee. I will, however, look at Kangaroo. Thanks
  • JLC1990JLC1990 Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 29 moderator
    @beverlyg Hey, we removed the post that suggested TXTvertiZe to you. They do not integrate with Lightspeed and were just promoting in our forum. Kangaroo is integrated, so I would definitely recommend checking it out.

    Jordan L-C
    Lightspeed Retail Support
    Lightspeed HQ
  • katekate Member Posts: 3
    Before you can get a customer to return, they first have to find you, right!

    bnkle brings local customers into your store perfectly and now we're looking for the best loyalty rewards to integrate with. So this conversation is important.

    In case you haven't connected to bnkle yet, there's one thing you should know and that is.... every brick & mortar retailer should be connected to bnkle and we mean every retailer. There's every reason to connect and no reason not to. It's free, easy and brings customers who want what you sell right into your store.

    bnkle is the brick & mortar search that let's shoppers search the stores around them for what they want. You can connect selected products from your Lightspeed retail account and your store locations at a click with the bnkle to Lightspeed app. Meaning you can advertise (for free) to those shoppers the moment they search online for what you sell in store.

    Oh and did we mention bnkle brings them to you!

    Join bnkle for free with your Lightspeed retail account now here
  • SubspaceBoiseSubspaceBoise Member Posts: 11
    edited March 2018
    We have been using Loyal2 with Retail for some time. It is integrated so that loyalty customers are created from Retail and accumulate purchase points and can send a voucher to Retail to get credit added to their customer account, if they so choose. Loyal2 has a free tier and two pay tiers. There is also a LS eCom integration we have not used. One problem we have in general with Retail <-> eCom is that eCom customers are brought into Retail with nothing to easily segment them, so eCom customers get points and look like physical customers. Same goes with the Retail MailChimp integration--eCom customers get added to our customer mailing list without segmentation, leading to lots of manual cleanup to avoid marketing segment snafus.

    Anyway, Loyal2 has some descent integration with Lightspeed.
  • RoomServiceCleRoomServiceCle Member Posts: 2
    I was under the impression that Loyal2 did not operate in the USA - looks like SubspaceBoise is in Idaho, which is about as USA as it gets :)

    Does anybody else have experience with Loyal2? Kangaroo looks impressive ... but a tad pricey. I'd like to see if there is a different service just to compare...
  • SirJagerSirJager Member Posts: 4
    We use Kangaroo and are very pleased. We don't use all of the features but what we do use works well. Mostly we use the points and rewards feature. ie earn points for every dollar and redeem for $ after certain number of points. 

    Also support has been great. I usually get someone on online chat quickly during business hours and get any issue resolved.

    It does cost to send out email and SMS (we prefer SMS) but the return we get for what we do makes that cost nothing...

    We have a 9000 sq ft boutique with several thousand customers in Kangaroo rewards.

    We have not tried any other rewards programs.

    hope this helps...
  • RetailBoutiqueRetailBoutique Member Posts: 1
    We were looking for an affordable way to increase sales and drive traffic into our stores. We were approached by a few loyalty companies and decided to research ourselves. Since we have Lightspeed POS, Kangaroo appeared in our search as an integrated loyalty service. In terms of loyalty features, Kangaroo hit the nail on the head for increasing customer visits via points and offers. What really sealed the deal for me were the powerful marketing tools such as email & SMS, but also how easy it was to automate them and create marketing campaigns for new product launches. We were able to start seeing returns on our loyalty investment within the first few weeks. Now we have thousands of customers on our loyalty program and we saw a 35% jump in our sales by the 6th month. I honestly don't have any complaints and their customer service is exceptional. I definitely recommend to anyone looking to gain on edge on their competition.
  • Lisa Bailey BobbLisa Bailey Bobb Member Posts: 3
    Old thread, but I thought I would jump in anyway.  I just started using Kangaroo and I'm impressed with the feature set, but I haven't gotten to dive all the way in yet.  One thing that is frustrating right off the bat with their integration with lightspeed is that you cannot add the customer's consent to contact or birthday directly from the POS/register interface.  Those have to be added from the Retail manager customer long form, and I find it to be a very awkward flow diversion from the otherwise elegant customer/transaction integration that lightspeed has delivered.  Kangaroo cannot read the consent buttons on the short form - you have to use the custom field granting consent! That is so dumb!  We are planning to implement a work-around for the birthdays using customer types: Jan, Feb, March etc.  I don't know how to handle the consent piece...
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