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We’re using the API to get Workorder infomation and sync it with our online booking/billing system. We have a small usability issue I hope you can help with.

Workorder lines and workorder items can exist on a Workorder in Lightspeed, but with our current setup, the API can only see them after there has been a status change and the little green ‘Saved Changes’ notification has popped up. This notification doesn’t appear when adding lines or items to a Workorder, only on a status change. But, changes to workorder lines and items obviously persist in Lightspeed without requiring a status change.

Is there a way to check for changes on a Workorder without requiring a status change?

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  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 926 
    Coincidentally enough, I am looking at this same API endpoint as well. Could you query Workorders based on their timeStamp value? This would presumably indicate the last time the record has changed.

    That's my challenge with a few of these endpoints. I'd _like_ to query them and just pull in those records I need. Like my recent post on here, where I'd like to query Workorders for any that match certain values in the Note field. Pulling all records into an internal DB on a daily basis and then querying that internal DB isn't the most elegant solution. But has been used on more than one occasion!
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