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Thought I'd open the first discussions and break the ice here. I run an international business and have a Lightspeed store in both USA and EU.

I particularly have to deal with pre-orders with longer delivery times and it's not uncommon for somebody to change their address, or even customers that made a mistake with their address, I need to adjust it in the order but... Like I said, I'm not able to change anything about it and at best only make a note.

The way I deal with it now is by running a separate back-end with Google sheets and a bunch of formulas, not relying on Lightspeed, and make the adjustments there. On Lightspeed I only make a note as a reminder or if somebody else crosses it.

There's a lot more I'd want to share about what can be improved but for sake of focus. <-

How do you deal with this issue?


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    Are you using both eCom and Onsite or Retail?
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    We have similar issues. We use ecom via Omnichannel and have an issue with our ability to adjust the order before the credit card is charged. When we do need to adjust an order (our inventory data isn't perfect yet...) we need to credit the order and then process an adjustment via our credit card provider. It seems to me, the order should come to us for fulfillment in an authorized/approved state, but allow our shipping staff to trigger the actual credit card charge when the order has been shipped. Seems to me, that is how most online merchants do it.
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    We have to put the shipping address and instructions on the order as a line item using the Miscellaneous item. Not the best solution. There is a way to add a shipping address, but, that frequently gets lost from the order as the order moves from the Special Order to Layaway to Completed statuses. At least with the info there as a line item, it doesn't get lost. Yet, it is annoying for those line types to clutter up our special order reports.
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    Hello Everyone,

    If shipping from inside Lightspeed Retail itself (not eCom),

    You can adjust a shipping address as long as you use the SHIP function during the sale. Then say if a customer needs to adjust their address or it was typed in wrong, do this:

    1) Go to Inventory
    2) Go to Shipping
    3) Click on the name of the person who's order needs adjustment.
    4) Then in here, update the shipping address.

    When the receipt is reprinted, the reprinted receipt will show the correct address.

    I hope this helps!
    Gabriel Givens
    Senior Frontline Support
    Lightspeed HQ
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