Create Sale with online price Alat Musik Bali

There are a few ways you could do that, one of which would be to go to Settings > Shop Setup and change the Default Price to Online Price for your shop. alat musik bali Keep in mind, this will affect all items and transactions, so if the sale is only for specific items, then you would not want to do this. 

Alternatively, I would recommend you use price rules, if this only applies to certain items. You would be able to set the Type in the price Rule to Online Price, and then set the discount you need as well as chose the items that you are looking to discount. I would recommend reaching out to support for this or clicking below for further information. 

If you have any questions about the process of setting it up, or if you would like some assistance, I would recommend reaching out to Support at 866-932-1801 ex 2 (option 1 for Retail)
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