Calculating the cost of labor in reporting.

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Has anyone figured out a good way to assign a cost to labor so your reporting comes out more accurately. Currently the "Total Profit" will show labor at 100% profit when in actuality I'm paying a tech to wrench on stuff and that tends to dig into profit a bit.


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    Did this ever get sorted? We treat labour as an inventory item, so you can do this. I can;t see a way to have set labour items, like products. The problem with treating labour items like products is that you can't mark them as finished!!

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    Hey @mamchale and @Wallin

    If your labor rates are always the same, fixed value based off of the price of the labor to the customer; (example:  If we are told what the cost per hour or every slice or 100$ is equal to a 25$ cost )

    This would be possible with the help of a custom-calculation. You could use a Calculation for if the Category is Labour, consider the total to be, say, 75% in this example. Then push backwards to re-defining the Profit

    There are two limitations with this:

    1) Labour is usually more nuanced than that, it might vary by employee or by sale. This would be a lot more complex of a build as a customized calculation than the above.

    2) The all profit in Retail is that it's line item profit not "Pure" profit.

    Let us know if you have any questions on this!


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