Problem with updating Item TagRelations.Tag

BillHuBillHu Member Posts: 3
Hello Everyone,

I am currently experiencing a problem with trying to update the tags of items through the API.

The query string is: "{"Tags": {"Tags": ["a", "b"]}}"

And the error returned is: "{'httpCode': '500', 'httpMessage': 'Internal Server Error', 'message': 'Can not convert an array to XML when array has numeric indexed values.', 'errorClass': 'Exception'}"

If I only put one tag in the query which looks like:  "{"Tags": {"Tags": "a"]}}", the update is successful. So as the error suggests, there is a problem with the array.

I have searched all the documentation but did not find an answer.

Please advise the correct way to update multiple tags or append tags to existing ones.

Thank you.


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